Choosing Between Lennox and Goodman Air Conditioners: A Comprehensive Comparison

goodman vs lennox

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner and debating between Lennox and Goodman, we’ve conducted an in-depth investigation to help you make an informed decision about lennox vs goodman ac!

Here are key considerations to ponder:

1. Energy Efficiency:
Lennox offers more energy-efficient options for those who prioritize efficiency.
– Goodman’s products are more budget-friendly if you’re mindful of costs.

2. Durability:
– Goodman’s products are renowned for their durability.

3. Warranty:
– Lennox surpasses Goodman in terms of warranty coverage.

However, let’s delve deeper into the histories of both Lennox and Goodman before evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each brand.

History of Lennox Vs Goodman AC:

– Lennox International:

– Founded in 1895 by David Lennox in Marshalltown, Iowa.
– Started as a heater manufacturing company and evolved into Lennox International.
– Lennox’s success began with a deviation from the original plan, marketing the heater under the Torrid Zone brand.
– In 1904, Lennox sold his heater business to David Windsor Norris, and the Lennox Furnace Company was born.

– Goodman Manufacturing:

– Founded in 1975 by HVAC vendor Harold V. Goodman.
– Initially specialized in flexible air ducts and plastic edge registers.
– Goodman aimed to provide low-cost HVAC equipment for families across the country.
– After Goodman’s passing in 1996, Candid Murray took over as CEO.
– Acquired by Apollo Management in 2004 and later sold to Hellman and Friedman in 2007.
– In 2012, Goodman was sold to Daikin Industries Ltd of Japan for $3.7 billion.

Manufacturing Details:

– Lennox air conditioning systems are produced in their Iowa manufacturing facility.
– Goodman air conditioning systems are manufactured by the Daikin Group in Houston, which is the world’s largest private heating, ventilation, and cooling manufacturer.

Performance Comparison:

1. Modernize Home Services Ranking (2022):

– Lennox ranked sixth with a SEER rating of 26, the highest possible. Installation costs range from $3,100 to $7,340.
– Goodman secured the third spot, offering SEER ratings from 13 to 18. The average cost of installation is $3,188 to $4,275.

2. AC Repair’s Best Air Conditioning Brands in Atlas Map Book (2022):

– Goodman claimed the third position with an 18-year life expectancy and ‘Good’ consumer loyalty. The price range for Goodman units is $3,100 to $7,500.
– Lennox ranked fourth with a 15-year life expectancy and ‘all right’ consumer loyalty. Lennox units are priced between $3,900 and $12,500.

3. Energy Star Most Efficient:

– Goodman air conditioning systems are not Energy Star Most Efficient certified but are recognized for reliability and affordability.
– Lennox air conditioning systems have received the Energy Star Most Efficient rating, emphasizing their efficiency for homes in hotter climates.

Selecting the Right AC Size:

Determining the appropriate air conditioner size involves calculating the intensity it can eliminate per hour. Consider your home’s floor plan, measure room areas, add 25 BTUs per square foot, and adjust the base BTU for factors like windows, roof levels, and cellar presence.

Key Air Conditioning Terms:

– Load Calculation and Manual J:
– Determines heating and cooling loads required by your home.

– Tonnage:
– A one-ton air conditioning system can cool 12,000 BTUs per hour.

Conclusion Lennox Vs. Goodman AC

Choosing the best air conditioning system involves evaluating factors like your location, home size, noise preferences, and maintenance budget. Both Lennox and Goodman offer viable options, and understanding your specific needs will guide your decision-making process.

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