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Installing a Portable Air Conditioner In A Sliding Window?

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Installing a portable air conditioner in a sliding window requires careful planning and adherence to safety measures to avoid disasters. In this guide, we explore the proper steps and precautions for installing a portable air conditioner in a sliding window.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Prepare Sliding Window Boards:

– Fabricate sliding window boards compatible with the portable air conditioning system.

2. Secure Sliding Window Boards:

– Insert the board into the sliding window and secure it with screws.

3. Connect Exhaust Hose:

– Attach one end of the exhaust hose to the AC unit’s exhaust port.

4. Window Assembly:

– Connect the spout to the opposite end of the hose and insert it into the window gathering.

5. Test the System:

– Connect the air conditioning system and perform a thorough test to ensure proper functionality.


1. Refer to the Owner’s Manual:

– Consult the portable air conditioner’s owner’s manual for specific installation instructions and safety guidelines.

2. Seek Assistance:

– Enlist the help of someone to assist in lifting the portable air conditioner due to its weight.

3. Avoid Extension Cords:

– Do not use extension cords with insufficient wattage capacity, as it may pose a risk of short circuits.

4. Proper Venting:

– Ensure proper venting by using a suitable electrical cord and avoiding overextension.

Installing in Horizontal Sliding Windows:

1. Measure Ventilation Space:

– Estimate a space of approximately 12 feet on each side of the horizontal sliding window for proper airflow.

2. Attach Sliding Window Boards:

– Attach the provided sliding window boards and apply foam gaskets to ensure a snug fit.

3. Secure the AC Unit:

– Screw the AC unit and board in place securely.

4. Extend Exhaust Hose:

– Extend the exhaust hose and connect it to the exhaust port of the indoor unit.

5. Power Up:

– Connect the portable air conditioning system to a nearby wall outlet and turn it on.

Installing in Double-Hung Windows:

1. Adjust Orientation:

– Orient the board assembly horizontally for double-hung windows.

Exhaust Hose Length:

– Most portable air conditioners come with exhaust hoses ranging from 5 to 7 feet. Avoid exceeding the recommended length to maintain optimal cooling effectiveness.


Whether installing a portable air conditioner in a horizontal or double-hung sliding window, following proper safety protocols is crucial. Adequately installed, these units can provide effective indoor cooling. Refer to the provided guidelines, regardless of your experience level, and seek assistance if needed.

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