The Latest Update From The Weather Channel: North Texas

The Latest Update From The Weather Channel: North Texas


The  latest update from the North Texas is here to stay, with the National Weather Service forecasting temperatures to dip below freezing tonight and persist until tomorrow morning. Although the worst of this year’s winter storm may have passed, the aftermath poses ongoing risks, such as icy roads and burst pipes, as witnessed from last year’s deep freeze. Prompt community action has mitigated potential damages, but vigilance remains crucial.

Winter Storm Safety Guidelines:

Winter brings festive cheer, but it also introduces hazards. Parents should educate their children on staying safe in winter weather conditions, especially after a storm.

During a Winter Storm:

It is advisable to stay indoors due to hazardous road conditions. If travel is necessary, a winter survival kit in the vehicle is crucial. Stranded motorists should stay hydrated and avoid eating snow to prevent a drop in body temperature.

Winter Storm Safety Tips: Inside and Outside the Home:

Indoor precautions are essential to prevent pipe bursts and other issues. Prioritize the following when preparing for a storm:

– Ensure that vents leading outside are not obstructed by snow.
– Turn off propane tanks and gas sources to minimize fire risks.
– Drain water from pipes if outside sources are frozen or inaccessible.
– Provide extra ventilation for fuel-burning heating devices to prevent gas build-up.

Maintaining a furnace in good condition is vital during winter storms. Clear the area around it and purchase certified fuel-burning appliances, installing them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Winter Storm Safety Tips for Pets:

Keeping pets safe during winter storms is crucial:

– Keep pets indoors when possible, providing access to unfrozen water.
– If pets are taken outside, ensure they have an adjustable collar, leash, and clean paws afterward.

Winter Storm Safety Tips for Your Car:

A winter survival kit in your vehicle is indispensable:

– Always have emergency supplies, including blankets, candles, non-perishable food, heat packs, water, a phone, and a first aid kit.
– Avoid travel if unsafe and pull over during a storm, steering clear of weakened trees or power lines.

Taking extra precautions during hazardous weather conditions is paramount. These winter storm safety tips will guide you through any impending blizzards, snowstorms, or icy events. Stay prepared and stay safe.

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