Tips to Prepare HVAC Units for Hurricanes & Storm Season

Prepare HVAC Units for Hurricanes & Stormy Weather


Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, pose a significant threat to homes, with HVAC systems particularly vulnerable to damage. The sudden onslaught of strong winds, flooding, and rain can lead to malfunctions in these units. Therefore, It is crucial to take proactive measures to prepare HVAC units for hurricanes and storm season.

Preparation Tips for HVAC Systems:

1) Portable Generator Readiness:

In anticipation of power outages during storms, having a portable generator is essential, especially for those with electric heat pumps. Proper maintenance of the generator is crucial, ensuring it functions effectively during extended power losses. This preparation becomes vital during severe weather events like hurricanes.

2) HVAC Unit Inspection:

To prevent post-storm breakdowns, it is essential to have HVAC units inspected by professionals before the hurricane season begins. Regular inspections identify potential issues, allowing homeowners to address any concerns before storms hit. This proactive approach ensures that HVAC systems are in optimal condition to withstand adverse weather conditions.

3) Surge Protector Installation:

As storms and hurricanes often lead to power surges, installing surge protectors is critical for safeguarding HVAC systems. Surge protectors act as buffers between utility power and indoor systems, preventing damage to sensitive electronics and circuitry. These devices are equipped with metal-oxide varistors (MOVs) to mitigate voltage spikes and protect the HVAC system from potential damage.

4) Outside Unit Protection:

Despite being designed for outdoor use, covering outside HVAC units is a prudent measure. Installing plastic tarps or heavy-duty custom-made covers shields the units from the elements. Additionally, protective shields can cover coils, preventing water damage to vital components.

5) Shutdown During Storms:

In areas prone to hurricanes and severe storms, it is advisable to shut down HVAC units during the storm. This precautionary measure helps avoid power surges that could lead to costly repairs or even fires. Restoring HVAC operations is safe once the storm has passed, and clear skies prevail.

Conclusion (Prepare HVAC Units for Hurricanes & Storm Season)

Safeguarding HVAC units from storm-related damage is paramount for homeowners. By following the outlined steps, individuals can enhance the resilience of their HVAC systems, ensuring they remain operational despite adverse weather conditions. For assistance with heating or cooling units, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you weather any storm.

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