Mr. Heater vs. Reznor: A Comprehensive Comparison

Mr. Heater Vs. Reznor

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Navigate the heating landscape with confidence as we compare two industry giants, Mr. Heater vs Reznor. Uncover the distinctions, safety features, warranties, and crucial considerations to guide your choice. Whether prioritizing affordability or longevity, make an informed decision tailored to your heating needs.


Choosing a reliable heater is crucial for ensuring quality and performance in your living or working space. Two prominent players in the heating industry, Mr. Heater and Reznor, offer distinct advantages. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve conducted thorough research to highlight the features, differences, and considerations associated with each brand.

Similarities Between Mr. Heater and Reznor:

While Mr. Heater and Reznor are both reputable for producing high-quality heaters, they have few similarities, and each brand has its unique strengths. The notable commonality is that both brands, particularly in their competitive products, offer natural gas to liquid propane conversion kits. Additionally, both brands have garnered positive feedback for their customer service, emphasizing prompt assistance and product recall support on Mr. Heater’s dedicated webpage.

Distinctions Between Mr. Heater And Reznor:

Brand Recognition:

Reznor stands out for its higher product quality and professional heater design, making it a preferred choice among contractors and homeowners. On the other hand, Mr. Heater, while well-received for its affordability and popularity, faces occasional customer complaints about control board failures, heater fan board issues, and igniter problems. These concerns often stem from production compromises made to maintain cost-effectiveness.

Safety Features:

The Mr. Heater Big Maxx boasts a fully enclosed, direct-drive fan. In contrast, Reznor’s UDAP series takes safety a step further with touch-proof protection surrounding the large fan and a safety cut-off switch that automatically halts gas supply in case of overheating.

Product Lifecycle:

While the lifespan of heaters can vary based on usage and maintenance, user feedback suggests that Mr. Heaters typically last an average of 3-5 years. Reznor, however, positions itself as a provider of long-lasting, high-quality heaters, with some customers attesting to their units outlasting competitors.


Mr. Heater offers a 1-year limited warranty (except for the 3-year warranty air heater line) covering replacement parts and products, excluding installation or other services. Reznor, with no product registration requirement, provides a 10-year warranty for heat exchangers on UDAP/UDAS models and a 5-year warranty for replacement parts. Like Mr. Heater, installation and additional services are not covered under warranty.

Choosing the Right Size Heater:

Selecting the appropriate heater size is crucial for efficiency and longevity. Improperly sized heaters may overwork and have a shorter lifespan. Consider the square footage of your space when choosing between the 50,000 BTU heater for larger areas and smaller heaters for bathrooms or bedrooms.

Installation Considerations:

Professional installation is recommended for industrial-sized units, ensuring safety and compliance. However, many home-use heaters can be self-installed, as they come with comprehensive installation instructions and manuals.

Conclusion: Mr. Heater vs. Reznor

The choice between Mr. Heater and Reznor ultimately depends on your specific needs. Reznor stands out for its quality, safety features, and longer potential lifespan, while Mr. Heater is favored for its affordability and popularity. Consider factors such as brand recognition, safety features, product lifecycle, warranty, and the size of the heater needed for your space when making a decision. Both brands have their advantages, so carefully assess which aligns best with your requirements before making a purchase.

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