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How To Reset the Filter on A GE Air Conditioner?

Reset the Filter on A GE Air Conditioner


Ensuring the optimal performance of your GE air conditioner involves periodic maintenance and troubleshooting. In this guide, we’ll explore how to reset the filter on a GE air conditioner, address the common issue of a blinking red light, and clean the air filter, providing you with comprehensive insights for effective air conditioner management.

Resetting the Air Filter:

GE air conditioners typically feature an LED filter light that signals when it’s time for a filter change. To reset the filter light after cleaning or replacing the filter, simply press the designated button. It is advisable to clean or replace the filter if it’s obstructed, hindering proper airflow.

Troubleshooting the Red Blinking Light:

A blinking red light on your GE air conditioner may be attributed to various issues. The most common culprits include:

1. Faulty Capacitor: The capacitor, akin to a battery, powers the unit and facilitates starting and stopping based on temperature settings. A malfunctioning capacitor can lead to the non-operation of the blower and condenser fan, necessitating professional analysis and timely resolution.

2. Unreliable Wire Connection: Disconnected or extinguished wires due to circuit or wiring issues can cause the red light to blink. Power surges may also trigger the device to turn off, potentially affecting temperature switches and other components.

3. Compressor or Contactor Problems: Issues with the compressor or contactor can result in a blinking red light. If the blower or contactor is defective, the fan may cease functioning, leading to potential overheating and wear.

4. Condenser Fan Malfunction: A damaged capacitor can strain the fan motor, causing it to wear out. A defective fan motor may trigger the blinking red light, indicating the need for repair or replacement.

Cleaning the Air Filter:

Maintaining a clean air filter is crucial for efficient air conditioner operation. Follow these steps to clean your GE air conditioner’s filter:

1. Turn off the device and unplug it.
2. Clean the filter using a hand vacuum or one with a brush attachment, ensuring debris is removed from all corners.
3. If necessary, submerge the filter in a solution of baking soda and water to eliminate dirt and potential odors.
4. Use a soft scouring brush and regular dishwashing detergent for thorough cleaning.
5. Rinse the filter in cool water and allow it to air dry before reinserting it into the appliance.

Filter Replacement Frequency:

The frequency of air filter changes depends on factors such as location, home size, and air conditioning system capacity. HVAC experts recommend changing the filter at least once a month or more frequently based on individual needs.


Consistent maintenance, timely troubleshooting, and proper filter care are essential for the efficient operation of your GE air conditioner. Whether resetting the filter or addressing a blinking red light, following these guidelines will help you keep your air conditioning system in top-notch condition.

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