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How To Reset a Dyson Air Purifier? A Comprehensive Guide

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Ensuring optimal functionality of your Dyson air purifier can sometimes be a challenge. If you find yourself contemplating to reset dyson air purifier but are unsure where to begin, worry not – we’ve conducted extensive research to provide you with a step-by-step guide. Let’s delve into the process without further ado.

Resetting Your Dyson Air Purifier:

Resetting your Dyson air purifier is a straightforward process that involves a few simple steps:

1. Locate the power button on both your Dyson device and its remote control.
2. Press and hold both buttons simultaneously for up to ten seconds.
3. The LED screen on your air purifier will initiate a countdown from 10 to 0.
4. Once the countdown concludes, your Dyson air purifier is successfully reset and ready for use.

Understanding Dyson Air Purifier Functionality:

To determine if your Dyson air purifier is operating correctly, observe the direction of the airflow. Without traditional blades, closely monitor the air intake and clean air extraction process. Additionally, listen for a subtle humming sound, indicating the device is actively purifying the air.

Operational Timeframe:

Dyson assures users that their air purifiers can circulate 77 gallons of clean air per second. While noticeable improvements may take some time in spacious rooms, the purification process begins immediately upon activation. The front screen continuously displays air quality reports for real-time monitoring.

Resetting Without a Remote Control:

If you find yourself without the remote control, fear not – resetting your Dyson air purifier is still possible. Follow these steps:

1. Locate the Standby ON/OFF button on your device.
2. Press and hold this button for 20 seconds.
3. Observe the Wi-Fi icon turning white and green, indicating a successful reset.

Connecting to the Dyson App:

Linking your Dyson air purifier to the Dyson Link app is a straightforward process:

1. Download the Dyson Link app on your smartphone.
2. Confirm Wi-Fi settings in your home.
3. Press the “ON/OFF” button for 5 seconds when the air purifier’s Wi-Fi light flashes green.
4. Connect your smartphone to the purifier’s Wi-Fi network.
5. Name your air purifier within the app to complete the process.

Filter Replacement Indicator:

Regularly changing your Dyson air purifier’s filter is crucial. The system provides notifications, visible on the front screen and the Dyson Link app’s “Settings” tab. Filters typically last around 4,000 hours or a year, depending on usage.

Troubleshooting Indicator Lights:

Understanding indicator lights is essential. A blinking “F” indicates a recent filter replacement. Press and hold the “Reserve ON/OFF” button on the remote for six seconds to reset the filter indicator.

Interpreting Orange Light:

An orange light on your Dyson air purifier may signal elevated operating temperatures or the need for a new filter. Consult the Dyson Link app for detailed diagnostics.

Effectiveness of Dyson Air Purifiers:

Dyson air purifiers, utilizing specialized HEPA filters, significantly improve indoor air quality. While achieving the claimed 99.95% particle removal may vary, the purifiers effectively contribute to a healthier living environment.


Familiarizing yourself with your Dyson air purifier’s features and maintenance processes ensures optimal performance. The quick and easy reset process, coupled with regular filter changes, guarantees a consistently efficient air purification experience.

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