How To Insulate Fireplace Not In Use

How To Insulate Fireplace Not In Use


Fireplaces, when not in use, can draw in cold air, impacting energy efficiency. Insulate fireplace is essential to keep your home warm and utility bills low. In this guide, we explore various insulation methods and offer creative design ideas for unused fireplaces.

Insulating an Inactive Fireplace:

1. Chimney Pillow Installation:

The simplest method involves using a chimney pillow, a transparent, pillow-shaped inflatable ball designed to block air and debris. Follow these steps for installation:
– Measure the length and depth of the fireplace cavity.
– Fill the cushion halfway and insert it into the combustion chamber.
– Ensure proper placement and inflate the cushion by blowing into the tube.
– Conceal the hose to prevent damage and shrinkage.

2. Chimney Cap Installation:

Chimney caps are effective in preventing external elements like animals, snow, and rain from entering the chimney. Choose the right size and material for your chimney cap:
– Galvanized (least long-lasting): $35-$200
– Stainless steel (long-lasting and low-maintenance): $50-$500
– Copper (corrosion-resistant but requires maintenance): $150-$550
– Install the cap using a ladder and ensure a secure fit.

Design Ideas for Unused Fireplaces:

1. Secret Garden:

Transform your fireplace into a green oasis with nature-themed paintings, creating an indoor space that produces oxygen.

2. Lights and Trees:

Fill the fireplace with wood for warmth, surround it with twinkling lights, and paint the logs for a playful touch or to match your theme.

3. The Wine Cellar:

Convert the fireplace into a wine cellar to save space and showcase your collection creatively.

4. House of Animals

Utilize the unused fireplace as a cozy pet house, providing your beloved pet with a designated space within your home.

5. Depository:

Strategically position the fireplace as a multifunctional storage space, freeing up room in your home.

6. Shelf for Books:

Transform the fireplace into a bookshelf, adding chairs and a coffee table for a cozy reading nook.


Insulating an inactive fireplace is crucial for energy efficiency and cost savings. Whether through chimney pillows or caps, these methods can be executed with the right knowledge and skills. Additionally, repurposing an unused fireplace with creative design ideas can enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your living space. Ensure proper measurements and materials for a successful insulation project and a beautifully transformed fireplace.

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