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How to Thoroughly Clean the Dehumidifier Coils?

How to Clean the Dehumidifier Coils

A dehumidifier serves as a valuable tool for eliminating excess moisture from the air, and its proper installation is crucial, particularly in the attic and areas where humidity levels tend to be high within a home. Similar to other household appliances, the coils of a dehumidifier may accumulate dirt over time, leading to a decrease in efficiency. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal functionality. In instances where the dehumidifier appears to be malfunctioning, it is recommended to clean the coils to eliminate mold and debris. This comprehensive guide outlines the role of dehumidifier coils and provides step-by-step instructions on how to clean dehumidifier coils effectively.

Understanding the Purpose of Dehumidifier Coils

Dehumidifiers come in two types: cold and warm coils. The freezing coil acts as a cooling mechanism, condensing and removing water from the air, while the warm coil subsequently heats the air, resulting in its drying. This process leads to a reduction in humidity when the treated air is released into the room.

The rationale behind cooling and heating the air lies in Relative Humidity, where the air’s capacity to hold water varies with temperature. During winter, cool air causes condensation on surfaces, necessitating a heating process to achieve the desired temperature and reduce water content in the air.

 Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Dehumidifier Coils

1. Drain and Separate Water:

– Unplug the dehumidifier to ensure safety and prevent damage.
– Thoroughly drain the unit to remove all water, facilitating easier cleaning and identifying areas that require attention.

2. Disassemble the Dehumidifier:

– Remove the plastic panel at the back of the unit using a screwdriver.
– Disassemble other parts to access the coil, including filters and fan blades, which should also be cleaned and maintained regularly.

3. Disconnect the Hose:

– If applicable, remove and clean the hose pushing air onto the coil.

4. Clean Surface Stains:

– Use a coil brush or a regular toothbrush to scrub dirt off the coil’s surface.
– This preliminary scrub prepares the coil for further cleaning.

5. Spray with Detergent:

– Apply a foaming solvent to the coil, allowing it to reach corners and crevices and effectively remove dirt.

6. Scrub the Coils:

– Scrub the coils again to ensure thorough cleaning, being cautious not to damage essential components.

7. Rinse with Warm Water:

– Wash away dirt by rinsing the coils thoroughly with warm water.
– If mold persists, apply bleach, let it sit, and rinse again.

8. Dry the Coils:

– Using a soft cloth, dry all parts, paying attention to corners and gaps.
– Air-dry the device for at least 30 minutes to eliminate any remaining moisture before reassembly.


Regularly cleaning and maintaining dehumidifier coils is crucial for optimal performance. Neglecting this task may lead to mold growth, jeopardizing both health and the unit’s efficiency. By following these cleaning procedures and maintenance tips, users can ensure their dehumidifiers effectively remove moisture, providing the desired benefits. Moreover, a clean dehumidifier and coil contribute to improved air quality and reduced operational costs.

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