Trane Furnace Reset Guide: Troubleshooting and Tips

How To Reset A Trane Electric Furnace


Trane furnaces stand out as cost-effective and reliable heating solutions for the winter months. Like any other furnace brand, they may encounter functional issues, and a manual reset becomes a handy solution. But the question arises: how do you go about resetting a Trane electric furnace, and is the process uniform across different models? This article delves into the specifics of Trane furnaces, offering guidance on the reset procedure.

Trane XE80, XR80, and XR90

For Trane XE80, XR80, and XR90 models, the reset button is typically situated near the burner, often on the rollout switch. This button, roughly the size of a coin and sometimes colored red, is connected to two wires on the opposite side. A simple press of the switch initiates the reset. In cases where locating the button proves challenging, consulting the user manual or using the circuit breaker for a manual reset is a viable option.

Trane XV80 and Trane XV95

Trane XV80 and Trane XV95 models require a slightly different approach. After turning off the device, open the control panel to find the reset button. Lift the fan compartment cover to reveal a reset button near the fan motor. This button, usually yellow or red, sits on the side of the motor and can be pressed to reset. If unsuccessful, resorting to a circuit breaker reset is a suitable alternative.

Understanding the Location

Understanding the location of the reset button is crucial, and it generally resides near the control panel, necessitating the removal of the furnace’s front panel for access. If troubleshooting with resets proves ineffective, seeking assistance from a professional technician is recommended.

When To Reset the Trane Elecrtic Furnace?

Knowing when to reset the trane electric furnace is equally important. Common scenarios include the furnace not producing hot air, frequent on-off cycles, constant blower operation, or unusual noises. Resetting can often restore normal operation after addressing these issues.

The reset button serves as a safety feature, automatically shutting down the furnace when detecting problems like overheating or circuit malfunctions. It is a valuable tool for resolving various operational issues such as blower motor malfunctions, heat exchanger problems, or faulty electronic igniters.

Causes of flashing Red Light on Trane Electric Furnace

A flashing red light on a Trane furnace indicates a problem, with different flash patterns signaling specific issues. For instance, two blinks suggest a fatal component error, while four blinks indicate a problem with the temperature limiting circuit. Understanding these patterns aids in diagnosing and addressing the furnace’s issues effectively.

Conclusion Reset Trane Electric Furnace

In conclusion, the Trane furnace reset button proves versatile in addressing a range of issues. For precise instructions tailored to a specific Trane furnace model, referring to the owner’s manual is advisable. If the furnace exhibits a flashing light, consulting the user manual for troubleshooting steps is crucial. By following these guidelines, users can effectively navigate Trane furnace resets and ensure efficient heating during the colder seasons.

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