Can You Put Diesel In An Oil Furnace?

can you put diesel in an oil furnace?

As winter comes, many people heat their homes with kerosene heaters. But what happens if you run out of oil and can’t fill the burner as planned? Can gas be put in an oil furnace? We did some study, and here’s what we found.

Diesel is sold at gas stores, and most furnaces can use it instead of fuel oil. Diesel and #2 kerosene are both medium-heavy distillates of petroleum that make about the same amount of heat and can be burned in the same system. Because of this, diesel can be used in a situation as first aid.

We need to think more about how kerosene stoves and diesel fuel might be used. Read on to find out why this fuel may be good for you.

Is Kerosene the Same as Diesel Fuel?

As diesel oil burns similarly to the oil you use to heat your home, it can be used as a temporary filler in your kerosene heater. It is very important to realize this.

In heating systems, diesel is not a stable replacement for kerosene. If you keep using the furnace, it will finally stop working. Diesel burns a little hotter than fuel oil, and over time, this will damage parts of the furnace.

Can you use Diesel for Heating Oil?

Diesel should only be used as a last option, so keep that in mind. It’s important to remember that diesel is only a good replacement for #2 kerosene. #2 is the weight and grade of the oil, and almost all fuel oil furnaces use this type of oil.

Diesel probably won’t work in your heater if you’re already using a different type of oil. Please make sure that your heater uses No. 2 kerosene oil.

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Can I use diesel for non-road vehicles in my Oil Furnace?

Off-road diesel is red, which means it is tax-free and can be used as fuel for off-road vehicles. Fuels for building, equipment that never goes on public roads, farming services, and kerosene boiler fuels are some examples. But can you use these kinds of gasoline fuel to heat your home’s furnace?

Most of the time, the answer is yes. Fuel oil can be replaced with tinted off-road gasoline. Most colored diesel and diesel used off-road today is ultra-low sulfur diesel.

The EPA and most state rules divide kerosene into three categories: low, medium, and high sulfur. This means that some fuel oils can’t be used as colored diesel for off-road tools or farming, but colored diesel or off-road diesel can.

What Affects The Price of Diesel and Kerosene?

If you buy the right amount of diesel and kerosene, you might notice a change. Even if a state taxes gasoline but not heating oil, this is still true. The main thing that determines the price of both types of fuel at any given time is the price of crude oil.

Both oil and diesel fuel are used to make energy. Since the prices are the same, this is clear. But each of these fuels has a cost that makes it sometimes more expensive than the other. Diesel is made to meet strict sulfur guidelines that fuel oil doesn’t have to meet.

This makes diesel more expensive. Some taxes are put on by law. Kerosene, unlike gasoline, has to pay for its own shipping costs.

You can get diesel at a gas stop near you, but you’ll have to have fuel oil brought to you. In addition to being more expensive, fuel oil trucks are much smaller than diesel trucks. This means that each truck will bring less fuel. All of these things affect how much oil costs.

Even though the products are very identical, the prices are different because of how they are handled. Diesel may seem like a cheaper option, but keep in mind that it will hurt your car and cost a lot to fix.

Five Gallons Of Diesel Will Last How Long In An Oil Tank?

Also, 5 to 10 gallons of diesel or oil will last about 1 to 2 days. Think about this when deciding how much diesel to buy until your next kerosene supply. If you have a bigger house, you might want to add more diesel fuel to your 10-gallon tank.

This will keep your home warm until your next shipment comes.

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Tips on Using Other Fuels in Your Home Furnace:

Short-term, diesel is a good replacement for oil. It is not, however, gasoline. Gasoline is easy to separate, and putting it on the heater can break it and cause other problems. You should never run your heater on gas for a long time.

  • If you keep diesel fuel at home to heat your home, please keep the following in mind:
  • Fuel should be kept in clearly labeled yellow barrels.
  • Diesel shouldn’t be kept for more than six months because it breaks down and could become dangerous.

Additives can be put into diesel to make it last longer. The cleaned fuel must be used or thrown away within a year. Lastly, you can only replace diesel furnace oil in one way. So, cars can’t run on heating oil instead of diesel fuel. It doesn’t have enough oil to keep the engine going right without hurting it or making it dangerous.

Final Words:

Diesel can be used as a temporary fix if you run out of oil and need to heat your home. Knowing what it can’t do and what it can do could be a great short-term fix to a bad problem. We hope that this guide has helped you better understand what Diesel can do for you as an Oil Heater user.


How long can I use gas to power my oil furnace?

You shouldn’t keep diesel fuel for more than six months because the quality goes down and it becomes dangerous. You can add things to fuel to make it last longer, but even then, it’s best to store it for a year. But this should only work for a short time!

Is heating oil the same as diesel?

Home heating oil, which is also called furnace oil, is made when gasoline is distilled. It is often mixed with diesel because their properties are similar. But they are not the same because their chemical makeups are different.

Can diesel be burned in a waste oil furnace?

Fuel control is one of the most important things to remember when using a waste oil furnace. Waste Oil Heaters can burn motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, diesel fuel, and fuel oil. This is allowed by the U.L.

What type of fuel does an oil burner use?

Many oil heaters in homes and businesses can use either kerosene or heating oil. But when used to heat houses, these oils have different pros and cons because of how they are refined after distillation.

In a heater, how long will ten gallons of diesel fuel last?

Even though they are more expensive than heating oil, both can be used easily in your heating oil burner. Depending on the size and warmth of your home, 5 or 10 gallons will usually last for a day or two.

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