5 Best Heaters For Car Camping

best heater for car camping

While winter is coming, that doesn’t mean the camp dream is over for the year. We scoured the web to find you the most effective heaters for car camping. Look for a powerful and indoor-safe car camping heater when making your purchase. These are the top-rated heaters sold online:

  1. Mr. Heater Portable Buddy
  2. Mr. Heater Little Buddy
  3. Chubby 2 in 1 Campy Gear
  4. Amazon Basics Ceramic Heater 500W
  5. Stanley Electric Heater

Picking up a reliable camping car heater is essential. Read on to find out more about these camping heaters and helpful maintenance advice for using them in the great outdoors.

Car Camping In Comfort:

It may take some time to get used to the idea of camping in a car. There are two common understandings. Most people think of “auto camping” as simply loading up a car with gear, driving to a campsite, and setting up camp there. A second definition of a car camp is “camping out in a vehicle for the night.” You should dress warmly at every vehicle camp you visit. Space heaters are great for keeping your tent toasty warm if used properly. Prior to making a heater purchase, think about the size of the tent you need to heat. Purchasing a heater that is too big poses a risk. It could cause a fire or prevent enough air from getting into the tent. Insufficient volume means that there will be no overheating.

Tents with enough space for eight people usually measure between 120 and 130 square feet. The typical size of a tent for four people is between 60 and 70 square feet. The central tent can sleep 6 people and is 90 to 100 square feet in size. Averages, to be precise. It is vital to verify specific details in a given tent and examine the room allocations.

List of the Top 5 Camping Car Heaters:

Consider your safety first while selecting a tent. Important safety features are those that turn off in the case of a fall or low oxygen levels. The heater’s power source is something else to consider. Heaters for tents often run on either gas or electricity.

  1. Mr. Heater’s Traveling Companion

Mr. Heater has been in business as a manufacturer of heaters since 1984. There is a wide selection of designs for buddy warmers. When coupled with a 1-pound propane bottle, the portable friend can warm an area up to 200 square feet in size.

On low, this heater can keep you warm for up to 5.5 hours. Mr. Heater’s portable buddy heater is similarly risk-free. Included are a hypoxia emergency system, a peak temperature switch at 50 degrees Celsius, and a thermal cutoff mechanism.

  1. Mr. Heater’s Little Buddy

Mr. Heater also offers the Little Buddy, which can warm an area up to 95 square feet. It generates 3,800 BTU and can run for up to 5.6 hours. One pound of propane has been consumed by Little Buddy. Unlike portable companions, there is no way to attach a 20-pound tank. The Little Buddy System can be used in a house or apartment. The overheat, tip, and lack of oxygen sensors automatically shut it off. This technology may be used safely indoors, but it should not be used while driving

  1. The Campy Gear Chubby 2-in-1

The Campy Gear Chubby 2-in-1 is a versatile portable heater with two separate functions. You can select a mode that only heats, only cooks, or both. Indoor use is permitted with the 9,000 BTU Campy Gear. But remember, there are no extra safeguards on this heater. Ensure that your tent has adequate air circulation.

  1. The Essentials 500W Ceramic Heater from Amazon

The ceramic coils in Amazon Basics heaters provide warm air. The compact design makes it easy to bring along wherever you go. You should check to see if your campsite has access to electricity before bringing an Amazon heater. Even though this location does not generate a lot of heat, reviewers say it rapidly warmed their little tent. A fall-deterrent feature is included with this heater from Amazon Basics.

  1. Electric Heater by Stanley

The Stanley Electric Heater offers a maximum output of 5,100 BTU, enough to warm an area of up to 165 square feet. The ST-222A-120 model is light at 3.8 pounds and easy to carry thanks to its ergonomic grip. The temperature on this portable heater is adjustable, and it also features anti-tilt technology.

Can I use the car heater that I bought?

Portable heaters are available that can be used in cars. Only high-quality ones should be hardwired to your car’s battery. The heater below is an example of one with a direct connection. The window is defrosted using a tiny heater.

However, you should never use a gas heater designed for indoor usage in a moving car. Way too many risks are involved. Put a low-wattage electric heater in your car if you need to warm up quickly.

Can I leave my car’s heater on overnight without any problems?

In theory, you can leave your car running all night long while using the heater. The car’s heater can be left on until the gas tank is depleted.

However, you shouldn’t go to bed with the heating on. The continual heat from the vents is also irritating to the eyes and skin. Keep the car warm by turning on the heater if you plan on spending the night in it. You can sleep toasty warm with this and a blanket. Sleeping in a car can be hazardous if the exhaust vent is clogged with debris like snow or mud. This is due to the fact that if you leave the car running while using the heater, poisonous carbon monoxide gas will build up inside.

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How can I keep my car warm during the winter?

You should pack warm clothes and blankets if you expect to spend the night in your car. Please think about these recommendations:

A Cozy Blanket:

Extra sets of warm blankets are an excellent weapon against the chill! Try to choose an insulated, water-resistant blanket. Wool and Sherpa, commonly called shirring, are great for chilly conditions. You may even get electric blankets that are safe to use while driving! Do not use an electric blanket if you plan on sleeping.

The Art of Hand-Warming

Another choice is a disposable hand warmer that may be used again. Warm your hands with an air-powered HotHands product. It takes 30 minutes to begin warming up, and once it does, it can keep you toasty for up to 8 hours. There is also a body warmer that may be charged. They require charging prior to use, but deliver heat for long stretches. Warmers come in a wide variety of brands, each with its own unique level of heat.

Seat Warmer:

Many different types of heated seat covers are available for your car. A heated blanket not only keeps you toasty but also adds an extra layer of comfort to your bed. If you must use the heated cover, do so intermittently. As with most forms of heating, you shouldn’t use it while you sleep.

Cups for Warmth:

Warm drinks are a great method to stave off the nighttime chill. If you plan on sleeping in the car, you’ll need to get a heated mug. Pick a mug that won’t melt your hand if you drop it and doesn’t need batteries. Verify the mug’s heat retention time. Hot drinks need to be kept hot for at least 8 hours, but ideally for much longer.

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The heaters described above are the most effective ones for use while automobile camping. We picked the top ones based on reviews and testing them against the same criteria. You need to bundle up if you’re going camping in the cold. Pick out a reliable inside tent heater and store up on warm clothing.


What is the most energy-efficient heater available?

  1. Duraflame 9HM8101-O142 Portable Infrared Heater.
  2. Duraflame 5HM8000-O142 Portable Electric Infrared Quartz Oscillating Tower Heater
  3. Heat Storm Phoenix Infrared Floor to Wall Space Heater with Attachable Feet
  4. Honeywell Slim Ceramic Tower Heater

Which space heater does the best job?

The best space heaters available today

  1. FH500 Lasko Overall, the best.
  2. Heater Vornado VH200. The best deal.
  3. DR-998 Dr. Infrared Heater
  4. Dyson Purifier HP07 Hot + Cool
  5. Amazon Fundamentals Heater for a Small Area.
  6. Honeywell 360° Surround Heater
  7. Phoenix Infrared Space Heater by Heat Storm.
  8. Vornado VHEAT Vintage Whole Room Heater

Can you recommend a good car heater?

The Most Effective 12V Heater for car camping (in 2022)

  • Car Heater and Fan RoadPro RPSL-581
  • 12V Car Heater from Harbor Freight (RoadShock).
  • Sojoy SJ154A 12V Universal Heated Cushion
  • 12V Electric Blanket from RoadPro.

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